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Welcome to Nolan Driving Academy Carlow, owned and operated by David Nolan - a driving instructor offering driving lessons in:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Jeep & Trailer-Bus

I'm certified to teach car - motorcycle - jeep & trailer-bus lessons and have been very lucky to gain years of experience driver training in the Irish Prison Service escort core.

I also hold an ESDS trainer and driver certificate (Emergency Service Driver Standards). Emergency service drivers aim to achieve an exemplary standard of driving that acts as a positive example to other road users.

I believe my training backed up by my passion for road safety and teaching means that I can offer a great service to young and old students, whether they are only starting out or need a refresher course after years of bad habits.

As an instructor I will:

  • present my knowledge, understanding and experience clearly and effectively
  • listen to the learner’s reactions to that input
  • help the learner to identify any obstacles to understanding and change
  • support the learner to identify strategies for overcoming those obstacles for themselves

I'm a qualified ADI with the RSA and I have an absolute passion for teaching driver training.

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Nolan Driving Academy

Nolan Driving Academy

Nolan Driving Academy

Products & services

My approach to learning is based on coaching a student rather than telling the student, it is  client centered which enables a learner friendly environment. 

This approach I feel will make a long-lasting change to the students understanding and behaviour, as required to become a competent driver.

Services offered:

  • Car Lessons (EDT lessons)
  • Motorcycle Lessons (IBT)
  • ESDS Training
  • Introduction in Roadcraft (advanced road riding for motorcycle and car)
  • Jeep and Trailer (terms and conditions) 
  • Bus Lessons (terms and conditions)
  • Pre Test Specialist

Recent Reviews

"Very patient and explains everything well and in detail. 10/10 would recommend" - Saoirse O' Reilly

"Would highly recommend David. David’s a great instructor and explains every little detail and very patient. 10/10 service, thanks again David" - Lauren Walsh

"I would highly recommend david he’s a great instructor and is really patient, really helped me prepare for the test. Thanks again for all your help" - Lauren McCartney

"David is a great driving instructor. Really helped me prepare for the test. Very patient and explains every little detail. Highly recommend. Thank you David" - Andrea Tse

"I passed my test with David.. he’s is an excellent instructor.. made me feel very relaxed and at ease.. couldn’t recommend more!!" - Claire Brennan

"Great driving instructor ! Very patient and really helped me prepare for my test and is very knowledgeable! Thanks for all the help David" - Neecole Hennessey